BBC Radio 3: Psychology as Science?

A debate between a philosopher and a neuroscientist that originally took place on BBC Radio 3 is, at this moment, still raging on Twitter.

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  1. On Wednesday 13th March 2013, Keith Laws (Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology) and Rupert Read (philosopher) participated in a live discussion on BBC Radio 3's 'Night Waves' programme, on the subject of psychology as science.

    In part, the debate was inspired by the recent publication of Laws' open-access paper 'Negativland', which argues for the importance of improving psychology by publication of null and repeat findings.

    The discussion has been made available online over at BBC Radio and should be listened to before reading further:  (starts around 33mins, or try this if you have problems: ).

    When it came to Twitter, things were very amicable between the two gentlemen:
  2. Various people began tweeting their feedback. Here's a small selection:
  3. The debate begins

  4. Things stirred up a little when it was time to properly dissect the discussion and address some of the real-world implications arising from it. Some of these tweets may be out of chronological order as the discussion split into several threads, and so I have tried to arrange the contributions in a sensible and minimally confusing way by grouping the different segments under appropriate headers.