Week 37 2017 dennismons (Dennis)

  1. Mostly met a lot of people that have insulted, threatened and cursed me, but saw that one coming. 🤔
  2. And so it is Sunday. Met many lovely people that have inspired me. Been a ball! Until again, peeps :)
  3. @ArmadaDown @smayman @MarkoVeenstra Facts and figures would be nice. With that amount of slaughters and all.
  4. @Zjoert Maar kom aan man! Dat zou echt een te diepe knieval zijn!
  5. Wachting Return of the Jedi again because @Elsvtol wanted to and I saw it last night and I'm not even mad. Next up: Orville @sethMcfarlane.
  6. @Caber_nl That's like.... a many peoples, man! Like, 7 billion I think.
  7. I case you think I don't love my country: geek shirt of the day. And a poop cushion 🖤🤘🏿💩Go Max! https://t.co/tLMVdFv4qN
    I case you think I don't love my country: geek shirt of the day. And a poop cushion 🖤🤘🏿💩Go Max! pic.twitter.com/tLMVdFv4qN
  8. The lil dude says "food, you have food? I think you have food? Sounds like you have food? You have food. No but whe…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/909362305149886465 
  9. I heard @Elsvtol mumble "ᴵᵏ ᵍᵃ ˢᵗᵃʳ ᵂᵃʳˢ ᵏᶦʲᵏᵉⁿ" I think I will join here.
  10. @ArmadaDown @MarkoVeenstra how are more immigrants destroying my country? Criminal activity is at an all time low
  11. @ArmadaDown he uses bugmen. Cute buzzword. Like we, who emphatize and want to be better at what we are and help a planet, are just sheep.
  12. @ArmadaDown quite yes, quite wrong. There is definitely a right wing nazi vibe going on in the Netherlands. And if…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/909352511710035968 
  13. RT @RenaultSportF1: Serious talk of rain prompted our (now improved) technical weather assessment device to be deployed. It's raining. #Sin…
  14. RT @raemonsluiter: Wilde hier eigenlijk vandaag in beginnen, maar toch een beetje moe. Maar even wachten tot morgen. https://t.co/wbcaiD64ME
    RT @raemonsluiter: Wilde hier eigenlijk vandaag in beginnen, maar toch een beetje moe. Maar even wachten tot morgen. pic.twitter.com/wbcaiD64ME
  15. RT @dodo: This guy wakes up at 5 every morning to feed dozens of stray dogs — and his love has COMPLETELY transformed some of them 🐶❤️❤️❤️…
  16. RT @mytoecold: Jared Leto spent 7 years living in sewers to help prepare Bill Skarsgård for the role of Pennywise
  17. But hey, circle jerk your hate, I'm gonna watch Star Wars.
  18. Funny how everybody RT's like a moron and not even taking into account that I'm saying my flag has been iffy because of right wing idiots.
  19. @OhMyMaddy @IamAbelB Hebben hier niet, zoals in de VS, een vlagcultuur. Dus als een vlag wappert ben ik dat niet ge…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/909141259138338816 
  20. @OhMyMaddy @IamAbelB De vlag zie, los van enige feestdagen, voelt dat bizar. Zoals vlaggen op jasjes, of in optocht…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/909140830845390848 
  21. @OhMyMaddy @IamAbelB Sure: het 'we'-gevoel en het uitdragen van Nederlands zijn gaat gepaard met extreem rechtse ui…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/909140538481356801 
  22. @SvensTweet @BlijeCommunist Jasjes, klappen geven, voetbalwedstrijden, als ik een vlag op een jasjes zie: niet iemand die ik wil kennen
  23. @ReindHoeven Dat is het beetje het punt. Die vlaggen op jasjes: ik weet genoeg. Ik ben trots op mijn land en mijn prachtige vlag.
  24. Lovely how peeps can pull everything out of it's bandage. Especially when I wear my Dutch team shirt a lot. But I'm gameneckbeard now. Joy.
  25. @BlijeCommunist Één: er is een vlagverdrag. Twee: waarom hangt dat ding daar?
  26. @ploefke_ Eens. Maar ik draag niet graag een vlag op mijn arm vanwege die figuren.
  27. It sucks because I love the red white and blue. But it means hatred and selfishness now https://t.co/1B58gQyY75
    It sucks because I love the red white and blue. But it means hatred and selfishness now pic.twitter.com/1B58gQyY75
  28. Fuck. Now I really look at it: that's some Silent Hill shit
  29. The toilet of the place @Elsvtol works. IM GONNA PISS IN IT. Because it's a toilet. pic.twitter.com/gMJIblbKBd
  30. @JaneRaider_ it's so lovely innit? The hussle and bussle, trying to have a conv BUT THEN YOU SPOT THE CAT OR HAMSTE…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/909082824275320833 
  31. Can go to the wildest, kinkiest, coked up parties in the world: if there is a dog, cat, ferret, bird, rat: that's where you'll find me.
  32. Im having bad thoughts about Tupperware lids. I need to step out the door for a moment.
  33. I like that video, never seen it before. I like the erhm... running guys.
  34. Follow @rubenvdmeer because he's a very talented actor, a nutcase, a stand-up and absolutely sweet as sugar. pic.twitter.com/7thhv5F7wC
  35. Follow @DutchDame1 cause she's gorgeous but funny as fuck too and a brilliant mind. DD for intimates. pic.twitter.com/tgbc1dfzgc
  36. .@BigTwee Because he's a talented awesome rapper and makes some sick track. And his smile is annoyingly infectuous.…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/909075239203680256 
  37. Just a few friend of mine I think you should follow too. Because they're awesome. Sec.
  38. @agentathcliath that's spot on. All of a sudden those typical Dutch values aren't Dutch anymore.
  39. I've eaten of floors while I was still in college, so yeah, she's right, but I have low standards.  https://twitter.com/jesuisunpain_/status/909030928982450177 
  40. That's the Dutch for you too. If you have a certain opinion; they want you to get the fuck out of the country. Days…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/909025368119627776 
  41. @WeRWorld @jesuisunpain_ it's the ages you need to be worried about. I'd still eat though.
  42. @WeRWorld well that's good to hear :) Been to Asia a few times, never Singapore. Do want one of those waffles now though.
  43. RT @HamillHimself: Leia was no"damsel in distress" She grabbed a gun-Took charge of her own rescue & made me & Han both look like chumps! #…
  44. This love is mutual. I wanna get married, Gary. We've been together for at least 6 days now. Why haven't you asked…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/908970985163980801 
  45. But apart from that: I like the movie. I know it's bad, very bad. But the whole Vampires vs. Wherewolves thing. It's cool.
  46. Watching Underworld again. Guilty pleasure as Kate Beckinsale in latex is a super plus. It's mah thang, y'all! (And…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/908960966330773505 
  47. @dritpreik it's bloody insane. Can you just picture giving your S/O and handshake? What the hell?
  48. RT @AmigoTheDevil: Everyone should need a license to go to the movies and if you get enough strikes for being a piece of shit/talking loudl…
  49. Believe it or not, but because I'm awake already I'm watching Return of the Jedi again. For the gazillionth time. Why not?
  50. "Hey it's weekend, why not enjoy it to the fullest instead of giving this guy some rest!?" ~ My brain. FML.
  51. My cat looks like an idiot and a burned pizza bread. Just saying. https://t.co/kmE240Qdjh
    My cat looks like an idiot and a burned pizza bread. Just saying. pic.twitter.com/kmE240Qdjh
  52. Snotfinger would be my band name, if ever I started one. Play shitty punk songs like NOFX  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWrlbRdJsSE 
  53. Hate it when people look away when you pick your nose and you really have to wave your snotfinger around for them to focus on you eating it.
  54. @gpb1979 and I'm glad it did. I hope to do so in my life time. It's important. And I hope he's okay.
  55. @gpb1979 no I've never met him again. But I sure do hope I will some day.
  56. Doesn't make any sense if you're not Dutch, sorry.
  57. The Little Prins Day was leaked, like we have any influence on the government. OMG it's cute media is so busy with media. You have no idea
  58. @obscurethingy it ain't mate, well, more so than most places here in Holland.
  59. Though this is being sticky, too sticky in summer kinda song and you want to get away from eachother afterwards bec…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/908752112288518144 
  60. Never heard of it, but it's filthy as f*ck. I get this track. This sure as hell is going to be added on Spotify.  https://twitter.com/snalter/status/908751066984013824 
  61. Maybe even it's DJ Paul Elstak? That's okay: the Dutch don't judge. Well they didn't use to  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISmmZiuMxyo 
  62. Fav sex song? This one by Placebo (but buzzed as fuck if you know what I mean). Share me yours #favsexsong  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHQngnnHE_0 
  63. @obscurethingy it's really relaxing, doesn't mean I don't miss Amsterdam though. I'm a city buzzing kinda guy.
  64. @KMKoldenhof nee helemaal niet zelfs: hoe strakker de bepakking hoe meer ik durf. Ik ben bang van mijn eigen contro…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/908746380029693952 
  65. 9. I'm writing this buck naked and I'm enjoying that I'm not giving you 10.
  66. 8. I'm way too blunt for my own good: I'm working on that still. I'm sorry.
  67. 7. So afraid of heights that even stairs scare me. Do love rollercoasters so it's a fright of falling: it’s called basophobia.
  68. 6. I’m meticulous and clean until my inner slob kicks in. Then I stretch cleaning time, then I’m anal about cleanliness. Till the slob again
  69. 5. I used to bully a boy in high school (was bullied myself before that). I’m truly ashamed of that often. Even now. Sorry, Bas.Truly sorry.
  70. 4. I nicked like a pirate when I was a teen. Mopeds, Air Max, Iron Maiden back patches: if I was on a role: I took it.
  71. 3. I think Boys by Britney Spears is a sexier song to have sex on than Let’s Get it on by Marvin Gaye. Even Rammstein works better.
  72. 2. My name is not Dennis Mons. I was adopted, and my stepdad was really awesome and I was honored to be his son. Died too young.
  73. 1) Had a mullet and spikey hair in the 80’s and people thought I was a girl at some point. Probably a young teen lesbian or something. Dunno
  74. Okey: why not? Here's a few things about me (I'll tweet a few common Dutch things in the two days I have ahead. I promise!)
  75. These people completely fucked up Dutch and now I won't be able to sleep: Van Dijck-groenteproducties, you idiots! https://t.co/1jZTKK2oyw
    These people completely fucked up Dutch and now I won't be able to sleep: Van Dijck-groenteproducties, you idiots! pic.twitter.com/1jZTKK2oyw
  76. Reached my station! #Hoorn. Now I will just stare at my dongle to flash an Android phone into Lineage. https://t.co/EyPnn62mhz
    Reached my station! #Hoorn. Now I will just stare at my dongle to flash an Android phone into Lineage. pic.twitter.com/EyPnn62mhz
  77. Then weekends kick in and you have hardly anything planned: HURRAY! Then again; that's the moment you realize you have time to clean. (3/3)
  78. I do play videogames and LEGO at work sometimes. Or just play pool or poker and win, or loose some small amounts of money (2/3)
  79. Sometimes things like @Netherlanders makes you realize you're pretty basic. Ja, I frequent metal concerts and fucked up fetish parties (1/3)
  80. I'm trying to not make remarks about politics; but by god this old senile dude is f*cked up in his head.  https://twitter.com/standplaats_krk/status/908721871226621952 
  81. RT @NS_online: Normaal zitten ^AR, ^MO & ^KS op onze webcare, maar nu helpen ze Nationale Actiedag #SintMaarten.👍 Doneer: https://t.co/3CgU…
  82. On the falling bar, where is @MTTCW? For @Netherlanders it's a pearl for the thirst.
  83. I've been noticing I sometimes do a slight real time version of an emoticon when I type is. This is not a healthy thing! Am I alone in this?
  84. @Spainkiller A heart stabbed under the belt is always appreciated, young padawan
  85. I may or may not have accidentally tipped my cheap-ass beer all over that expensive cabinet. Sorry, buddy.  https://twitter.com/Spainkiller/status/908700422998839297 
  86. @TX_Shamim no, I'd say 'tokkies', 'plebs' or 'aso's', maar those are hard to translate.
  87. Beer o clock! And yes that's Schültenbrau, the most redneck cheap ass beer we have here. Only an Aldo store nearby.…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/908696691104190469 
  88. Made a new Episode of my show about Star Wars called Wookiee Leaks. Check it out & share if you like :) (Dutch)…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/908689004622643201 
  89. Though have to say FIFA has always been more accurate. Not sure why that has always been the case.
  90. Might as well RT here as well, as you might know something :) My gf is looking for a nice job (Dutch). If you know…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/908651942473293824 
  91. Awesome shirt indeed! I used to work there as well. Cool to see fans wear stuff like that :) Very cool, Shiromani.  https://twitter.com/ShiromaniR/status/908642595282259968 
  92. All of a sudden my colleague jumps up and suggests to get Turkish pizzas with döner kebab for lunch for us all. He's my new hero!
  93. Good morning! Geek shirt AND Geek cap of the Day. If you get both: you're a nerd. Have a geek shirt too? Show me! 😋 pic.twitter.com/O4j6lnFlwU
  94. @LeonYarwood Haven't seen it, but sounds like something I'd like to watch :)
  95. RT @natemcdermott: Ted Nugent told Obama to suck his machine gun & said that Hillary should be hanged for treason, and was invited to the W…
  96. @highfielder80 When's that? Because it's going to be shit for quite some days.
  97. I know I'm getting old as I think that 20-somethings with moustaches look like kids with fake stick on ones.
  98. Done for the day. Feet up tonight and see what sort of moronic crap movie on Netflix I can fall asleep to!
  99. Geek shirt of the day! If you have one too, send me a pic and I'll RT 😋 https://t.co/lTsyLy658O
    Geek shirt of the day! If you have one too, send me a pic and I'll RT 😋 pic.twitter.com/lTsyLy658O
  100. @GerardCoen bit late reply as my phone is all fucky. But it's an odd tase between sweet liquorish and well, wood in a way. Tad salty too.
  101. Should've gone there. Now I'm just sad, hungry and open to those shitty Tom Waits tracks about loss. #Amsterdam https://t.co/gn095AeQHB
    Should've gone there. Now I'm just sad, hungry and open to those shitty Tom Waits tracks about loss. #Amsterdam pic.twitter.com/gn095AeQHB
  102. @dean_geno He actually had to give me money because we won the pub quiz a while ago and hadn't split the pot yet. Perfect.
  103. @Elvira_w Kort maar eerlijk heeft dan sowieso geen zin, want er moet een follow-up zijn, toch? En als je er geen ti…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/908050924484091904 
  104. Not him in the pic btw. A Lithuanian who is damn good but beatable. Runs like a clock but fails on safeties #pool
  105. Got my ass whooped by an old guy who used to be a true pool/snooker shark in England. He's still one of the best pl…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/908049043053535233 
  106. My colleagues made this awesome History of Metroid video. Love it. Brings back memories (Dutch though).  https://twitter.com/powerunlimited/status/907563597043290112 
  107. Grrr. Some bus drivers here think they're Max Verstappen. Speed up, break hard, speed up again. Literally makes me frickin' carsick.
  108. Took the afternoon off to chat up and play pool with @JanusFlabber. Haven't spoken for quite some time, nor kicked his ass with 8-ball. Joy!
  109. Stuffing my face with my favorite food. Is it Dutch? Is it Belgian? Is it German? #taterssproudssausage https://t.co/vByOMxMlTv
    Stuffing my face with my favorite food. Is it Dutch? Is it Belgian? Is it German? #taterssproudssausage pic.twitter.com/vByOMxMlTv
  110. @StephenEamonn I agree to a certain extend. He's still a big media icon. It will backfire. And it's anything but charming and smart.
  111. For y'all who don't know: why I called my cat All Ball. It's an amazing video of an animal truly loving an animal:  https://youtu.be/NdACUfI6nA0 
  112. I swear to god my cat is an Anonymous hacker. She's always blurred when I take a picture. Here name is All Ball (fo…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907651394907373568 
  113. @Poasjei @Shmuli @PhillyD Gotta love Minchin. Not quite the same, but I always love how that ginger can rub things in.
  114. @milfbarn True but he's one of the biggest with many young viewers. So I'm intrigued.
  115. @eliothall The sounds of the Sea from our old tales abroad. That and I didn't have a chance to add a cool song
  116. Home: I don't want to be. I have to admit to @Elsvtol I may or may not have watched the new Rick & Morty already.  https://youtu.be/z3qm2tTD_oQ 
  117. There was Pewdiepie news at work (again) btw. Onlift, as we call it. Wonder what you guys think about him dropping the N-word. I'm no fan.
  118. My ride home: trees and grasslands. Netherlands all pretty and flat as a dime. https://t.co/StJ5mMZfhS
    My ride home: trees and grasslands. Netherlands all pretty and flat as a dime. pic.twitter.com/StJ5mMZfhS
  119. @dritpreik Fairly stand-alone. In R1 Edwards could get away with more experiments as long as everyone died. And even he was forced to recut.
  120. @dritpreik LOL I know! And enjoyed VII, but isn't it also because we were glad it wasn't a disaster like that?
  121. @dritpreik Not afraid he'd play it a bit too safe like he did with VII?
  122. Tried 3 cushion billiards, snooker and even Russian Pyramid (INSANELY DIFFICULT!) too. But pool is such a sexy game. Love it.
  123. Enough geekism! Anyone else here that plays pool a lot too? After movies and games my third big love. Love 8- and 9-ball a lot.
  124. Are we happy with JJ as director of IX? If you'd take a minute to vote that would be awesome. Can use the outcome f…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907632326926102529 
  125. Wow, J.J. Abrams directing Episode IX huh. Not thrilled, but carefully optimistic. At least he knows Star Wars through and through.
  126. Oh btw; if you speak Dutch and you like Star Wars, you might dig this online weekly show I make about it. :)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRRsk5xc6C4 
  127. @Sebadjas one of the reasons why I don't go to matches often anymore. Can't stand the atmosphere.
  128. @Sebadjas indeed, why I specifically said hate: I really don't get that.
  129. GO FEYENOORD (I'm an Ajax fan btw, but it's a Dutch club, so I hope they win. I don't get the hate between Ajax & F…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907585272623374336 
  130. RT @MyNews13: "Single-file line, just like in elementary school!" Flamingos being moved to safe areas at @BuschGardens. https://t.co/hhLHfk…
  131. Star Wars The Third Gather: Backstroke of the West might be the best SW movie ever made.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XziLNeFm1ok&t=2360s 
  132. Hip hip hooray to one of my best friends, @TheJakeItself. Proud that he has survived this long with his lifestyle.
  133. Geek shirt picture of the Day pt. 2. If you know what it's from, you're my kinda person. If you have a geek shirt t…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907494219123748865 
  134. RT @juanbuis: i'm 100% sure this video can cure every disease, fix climate change and save our world from impending nuclear war https://t.c…
  135. Mornin' Netherlands, mornin' blue ball! Mm, will never get used to getting out of bed at 6 I'm afraid.
  136. Off to bed, worried still that Haddaway still doesn't know what love is. Poor fellar. Tomorrow will be better.
  137. RT @ruff_bluffs: Me: I like the funny horse cartoon Bojack: you inherit your parents' trauma but you will never fully understand it Me: h…
  138. @Standplaats_KRK You were second in calling it after @flaneurie but a winner nonetheless if you like Mitch!
  139. Gonna check new Rick & Morty: but first this track from my buddy @BigTwee about Star Wars. Cause it makes me happy  https://youtu.be/VyRi_0o8szQ 
  140. Not quite sure why, but I love Roger Ballens work. He did a video for Die Antwoord. I like this creepy coziness I g…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907332567824728064 
  141. @DatNab same here when i took a picture man: skies of pee everywhere!
  142. Here's a few more panels of that Spidey 9/11 story line. Still gets to me.  https://imgur.com/gallery/2oTS5 
  143. I'll send a pic of my Geek Shirt of the Day this week. Today: an orange Space Invader. If you have geek shirts too…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907265483472297985 
  144. Done! Awesome work or not, Monday just isn't my fav day. Back to Hoorn it is! About an hour travel; easy with a Nintendo Switch in the bag
  145. Want to end this LEGO build but can't find two essential pieces! Now I gotta order them online. Joy…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907258581061443592 
  146. @RTaken_ true true, though we got these from a sponsor deal with MSI. Great hardware partner of ours.
  147. @RTaken_ in a way, yes, but we do change the innards often to test new hardeware. Still, I'm not complaining. :P
  148. Though of course we don't play games all day, we do often. We all have a fast gaming rig (playing PUBG btw). pic.twitter.com/NAGQEwc0Qp
  149. Most Dutch know this brilliant weatherman by @eenjurk, but not many foreigners do. Skip to 01:05 for the again man.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-2xgAVWCa8 
  150. @autimonde thank you! Certainly enjoy it a lot, though of course I'm actually not only playing games or with LEGO all day ;)
  151. @lievlaai Contentcoördinator bij drie gamewebsites, en soort van hoofdredacteur van InsideGamer.
  152. This is my awesome work space. It's like a playground for adults. And yes, I get paid to build a LEGO Star Destroye…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907183477983936514 
  153. Safe to say I'm an enormous Star Wars nerd. But love all kinds of movies. Bit part of my job too. Oh and no worries. There's a Trekkie in me
  154. I'm in luck btw, as I'm still able to write articles too. I love to write and studied journalism. I present stuff t…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907134820635041792 
  155. I'm a man with many faces. Here's a few so you know who's talking. I do smile sometimes! But I look goofy doing so.…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/907133832251486208 
  156. Okay and baby alpacas. Baby-any-animal, really. Even baby spiders. Just no baby moths. Or butterflies.  https://twitter.com/buuvbayou/status/907129608264454144 
  157. Likes and dislikes: + Pool 🎱 + Cold weather + Whisky and beer - Moths (scared shitless) - Eggplant - People who don't finish their s
  158. I have an awesome job too! I'm a content coordinator for @InsideGamer_NL, @GamerNL and @PowerUnlimited. So I play video games all day.
  159. Not really. But sometimes we do. Most of the time is about creating awesome content: text, video's, live streams, vlogs and nonsense.
  160. @gpb1979 Officially I can't even have a cat. 😋And had a ferret once and you have to be able to be home often. At least in the first year.
  161. So here we go: I'm Dennis, a 40yo child who now lives in Hoorn (I miss Amsterdam!). Have a gf and a cat and I want a ferret by I can't. Sad.
  162. But in seriousness it's awesome! And I want to thank Youri, who was at the wheel last week, for showing us a glimpse of his life. Cheers!
  163. Good morning y'all! It's my tremendous honour to be your @Netherlanders host this week. Really, it's great, I'm gonna use my best words!