How to host NephJC

NephJC has evolved a unique style regarding how it hosts twitter chats. Here are the ingredients


  1. Open the discussion with a video, song or picture
  2. Then introduce yourself and ask others to do the same. Ask that they disclose any conflicts of interest.
  3. Conflicts of interest is abbreviated COI. Please write it out, though, abbreviation intimidate new users.
  4. When people introduce themselves it is really important to thank them, by name or twitter handle.
  5. Replying to everyone makes the openning few minutes of NephJC pretty frenetic, do not think you will be able to multitask while hosting NephJC. I find it very intense and that I concentrate harder those 60 minutes than any other time of the week.
  6. Remind people to use the hashtag
  7. We advise people to use or to automatically follow the hashtag and to add the hashtag to tweets.
  8. Something we have not doing, but I want to, is to remind people to sign up for our newsletter.
  9. One of the newer things we are doing is reminding people to use NephJC as a way to build an effective twitter network. One of my impressions from the #MedEd chat was that everytime I participated I came out with 2 or 3 more followers and it made me want to go back next week. I want that type positive feedback for #NephJC.