I don't want to be a zombie

Ok I just Found out about this zombie apocalypse. Playing on Twitter ad escaping with pictures and blogs?? WEIRD... and am trying to escape the zombies I dodged one but I was bitten now a zombie attacking all but failing


  1. What is that over there a human?
  2.  and now I shall Return. so the story of to get the antidote I went to NYE LABS (Bill Nye the science guy) and well I got Polyjuce potion (Harry Potter) and some warts from the depths of the Nether (Minecraft) as well as some zombie beeeeeez (@GTUROP) and nye cooked and stirred as I just stared and then he gave me a thumbs up and *SPLASH* I jumped in and in about 15 seconds I was human again! YAY!!! ThenD. #TvsZ #anidote