Lauralee's Depression: An Immersive Storytelling Case Study

Excerpts from the Miracle Mile Paradox alternate reality game for a case study about immersive storytelling for health promotion. Lauralee Simcoe is one of the characters written by Nedra Weinreich (@Nedra) for the story (among several other writers), told online via social media.


  1. For context about the overall story and game, see the Miracle Mile Paradox site:
  2. As a character in the Miracle Mile Paradox alternate reality game, Lauralee Simcoe plays a relatively small role in the solving of the game. She is the corporate communications assistant for the evil Agent Intellect Corp, but is at such a low level in the organization and so naive about how AIC operates that she cannot offer much insight to the players. But she was able, through her story arc, to keep players emotionally involved in what was happening in her life. The portrayal of her experience of depression, treatment and recovery was designed as a pilot for future health-related content embedded in transmedia experiences.

    You can get a sense of Lauralee's background on her LinkedIn page:
  3. Most of the story is told on Twitter (@LauraleeLuv), Facebook ( and Pinterest (
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