#RISciMedia Debate: Scientists and journalists need different things from science

This Storify collates the online conversations around the debate that occurred at the Royal Institution on Tuesday 13th March. Organised by Alok Jha of the Guardian and chaired by Alice Bell, it covered the most controversial of topics; coverage of science in the media.


  1. How science is covered in the media has been causing much debate online in recent months.  This debate aimed to create a forum for exploring practical suggestions for how to improve the situation. Panelists were Dr Chris Chambers, University of Cardiff, Ananyo Bhattacharya, Chief Online Editor of Nature, Fiona Fox from the Science Media Centre and science blogger, Ed Yong. 
  2. The event started with an introduction by Alice Bell.
  3. Then, Alok Jha, Guardian journalist and organiser explained the thesis for discussion and introduced the panelists:
  4. Getting the night started, Dr Chris Chambers, of the University of Cardiff's School of Psychology, with some interesting facts and three suggestions for scientists