Back from the brink of extinction

Once almost extinct lynx and wolf meet in the Polish forest. The return of these wonderful species to Europe is an enormous success after years of conservation effort.


  1. Zenek Wojtas, a biologist and wildlife photographer, caught them on the camera in the Carpathian Mountains.
  2. He said: “Making a video of wild animals like the lynx and the wolf together, in their natural habitat is extremely difficult and rare. Such an encounter was one of the most existing moment in my life, and definitely the most important animal observation I have ever made.”
  3. Rare encounter of wolf and lynx in nature
  4. But this wonderful encounter doesn't mean that the protection of wildlife should be taken for granted.
  5. Wolf and lynx are fundamental species to keep our natural ecosystem in balance. Our leaders need to make sure that Europe’s wild nature gets the space and protection it needs to thrive safely.