3 Must Try Paid Social Features in 2017


  1. Social media has now started to dominate the way we market with SEO. It literally contributes to one of the biggest ranking factors in search engines. It's a vehicle that can be used to promote your website, boost your content, gain followers, partner with influencers, and of course gain ranking. Social media has become so prominent that often times it has become the place that businesses will look towards to put money into their advertising. And this is for good reason. In fact, now there are 3 relatively new paid social media features, within different platforms of social media that would be wise to utilize when developing your 2017 SEO strategy.
  2. The first social media platform that we will talk about in this article is Facebook. More specifically, Facebook Dynamic Ads. Dynamic Ads launched about 2 years ago and is used for retargeting ads towards users. This form of paid advertising has shown to be extremely effective for e-commerce and retail advertisers who look to regain the attention of current and potential users. Since its release, Facebook has added advanced features as well as leverage the DPA functionality. In current times, it is now all the rage, as it now functions in the same capacity as acquisition targeting. By using this paid form of advertising you give yourself the ability to reach users beyond the ones who come to your website. It uses a look-alike type of algorithm that will put your products in front of those users who have browsed for similar products such as yours. This type of advertising is extremely effective when trying to reach new, yet relevant, audiences.
  3. Pinterest’s Promoted Pins for Apps is the second media platform we will discuss. This paid advertising tool helps to promote your brand, while sending users to the app store experience to download your app. While Pinterest isn't necessarily the most well known form of social media to advertise on, it probably is the most underrated. This is because Pinterest is a purely content-based social media platform. It's rooted in creativity, allows conversation, and is the leading social media platform when it comes to sharing. By investing in Pinterest’s Promoted Pins, you'll be able to not only further share your content with this social media giant. But also, you'll be able to better point them towards your own app to learn more about your brand.
  4. The third social media platform we will share with you is Snapchat. This paid form of social media advertising is the most recent of the three. Just as of last month, Snapchat announced that they are enabling the use of third-party data for ad targeting in their platform. Meaning, this will allow advertisers to be able to reach relevant audiences more efficiently and effectively than before. It is speculated that Snapchat will supersede television when it comes to advertisement. This is because that in the younger generation, Snapchat has more influence, and is widely more used. So, if you are a brand that invests heavily in TV ads, you may want to think about switching over to Snap Chat Ads. Granted, it depends on who your target market is, but this platform provides more leverage over your competition than in traditional TV advertisement.
  5. As you can tell, social media is not only going anywhere. It's becoming the main form of advertisement in our world today. That is why we encourage you to look into these three forms of paid advertising, and see if one of them can benefit you and your Indianapolis SEO strategy in 2017.