U.S.-Japan CNO Summit

During the week of September 8, 2013, a delegation of nearly 30 American chief nuclear officers (CNOs) traveled to Japan to meet with their Japanese CNO counterparts. Their impressions and lessons learned from this historic trip are captured here.

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  1. History is being made in Japan this week with a first of its kind visit by U.S. CNOs to Fukushima. Look for updates all week long at neinuclearnotes.blogspot.com, @nei_media and @n_e_i. Follow the conversation on Twitter using the #CNOSummit tag.  http://neinuclearnotes.blogspot.jp/2013/09/dateline-japan-following-history-in.html 
  2. Opening Message: US-Japan CNO Summit
  3. Applying lessons learned from Fukushima to enhance U.S. nuclear energy safety > Nearly all of the U.S. nuclear facilities' Chief Nuclear Officers (CNOs) are meeting with their Japanese counterparts this week. Follow #CNOsummit.  http://neinuclearnotes.blogspot.jp/2013/09/dateline-japan-following-history-in.html 
  4. US-Japan CNO Summit: Entergy CNO Jeff Forbes Reflects on His Visit to Fukushima
  5. From today's #CNOsummit diary: First-hand accounts of #Fukushima are devastating, but teaching important lessons to American CNOs.
  6. Most of the Chief Nuclear Officers from US utilities are in Japan this week speaking with Japanese colleagues and visiting Fukushima. Follow #CNOsummit on Twitter for their experiences and perspectives.