Productivity Symposium 2015

Growing more innovative and productive Kiwi firms


  1. On 1 December, the Productivity Hub held a major symposium on innovation and productivity. Over 130 people attended the event, including some enthusiastic tweeters. This is a selection of tweets, as well as slides and photos from the day.
  2. Introduction and welcome by Gary Dunnet, Statistics New Zealand

  3. The Productivity Hub is all about connecting people, building capability and sharing research.
  4. Panel 1: How government and business can work together to raise innovation

  5. Sarah Holden of Callaghan Innovation asked the billion dollar question: how to get NZ firms to spend more on R+D. Their goal is to double BERD to 1 percent, which would result in one billion dollars more for R+D.
  6. Professor Kaj Storbacka, University of Auckland, put forward the argument that we should be thinking not just about business innovation, but market innovation - changing how we look at our markets.
  7. Professor Shaun Hendy, from Auckland University and Te Punaha Matatini, looked at the role of networks in innovation.
  8. Why are certain places more innovative than others? Are Australians more innovative than New Zealanders - eg, underarm bowling?
  9. Innovation ecosystem: where are "innovators" - patent inventors - located? People in larger cities produce more patents per capita, have denser networks, more diverse technologies.
  10. Panel discussion