Tiger Woods: Yes, I'm dating Lindsey Vonn

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  1. Lindsey Vonn! wtf are you thinking. Tiger watch out, a ski blade will hurt more than a golf club
  2. A Lion will not cheat on his wife, but a Tiger Wood
  3. So Tiger Woods is dating Lindsey Vonn. This is exactly what the doctor ordered ... another hot blonde to get him back in the groove!
  4. Tiger Woods has officially announced that he and Lindsey Vonn are dating. Presumably Tiger has turned over a new leaf with women, as he's smart enough to know that a world champion skier might have better aim with a golf club....
  5. Now I see why Tiger has been playing better. Lol
  6. I just read where Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are "dating." I can just imagine the conversation... "Tiger, Sweetie. I think there's been some kind of mix-up. I just received a package from your ex-wife addressed to me but inside was a 5-iron with writing on the shaft that says, 'For Tiger.'"
  7. Tiger Woods has posted photos of him and Lindsey Vonn on his website and confirms that they are dating and has asked for privacy. Girl, I hope you Lysol sprayed that shit...