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Digital Learning Day: A Day to Celebrate, Explore, Question, and Look Ahead

On February 5, 2014, educators and students around the country participated in Digital Learning Day (#DLDay). The National Writing Project and Educator Innovator, along with the Afterschool Alliance, were among the core partners and sponsored a set of #Make4DLDay challenges.


  1. The #Make4DLDay Challenge

  2. This year, the National Writing Project and Educator Innovator, in partnership with Digital Learning Day, the Afterschool Alliance, and Edutopia, introduced the #Make4DLDay Challenge, encouraging educators to celebrate the day by engaging in digitally creative projects. Many then shared their activities using the hashtag #Make4DLDay.
  3. Taking the #Make4DLDay Challenge We all hear about how to incorporate technology in our classrooms, ...
  4. North Star of Texas Writing Project teacher-consultant Janelle Bence had her students record interviews with each other and teachers as well, on how they use technology to learn. Using the hashtag #boydbence, they shared the videos via YouTube and Twitter.
  5. #boydbence learners ask learners about hopes for digital technology #DLDay #NWP
  6. #boydbence learners ask learners about technology and learning #DLDay #NWP
  7. Overview of the Day

  8. Organized by the Alliance for Excellent Education, Digital Learning Day was not only a day to nationally recognize exemplary work surrounding digital learning, but was also a call for educators in and out of school to share what they are doing in their daily practice with digital and connected learning. In addition to celebrating these achievements, questions of access and diversity also arose.
  9. Although the focus was on educators and students, many national organizations and corporate sponsors participated. Several National Writing Project and Educator Innovator partners and collaborators joined in the celebration, sharing out resources and collections of interest.