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NUASkom - 19. january: Opening day

Sunday is the social get together, opening day We have collected some highlights from the day.


  1. The opening day started off in pretty cold Scandinavian weather.
  2. Some guided tours in Aarhus created some unique opportunities to participate in the official Instagram competition.
  3. Marienborg, Aarhus #nuaskom
    Marienborg, Aarhus #nuaskom
  4. Continuing at ARoS, the 'Newcomers Club' and a guided tour was executed in preperation for the official opening.
  5. Some showed initiative to use Twitter as a platform for practical questions. Don't hesitate doing that! 
  6. The buffet was a mention worthy.
  7. Vocal Line performed...
  8. A capella a la Vocalline #nuaskom
    A capella a la Vocalline #nuaskom
  9. can check them out on Twitter ;)
  10. Åbning af NUAS konference 2014
  11. Todays Instagram-winner: Linda Fredrikson aka. @kattenspyro
  12. The day ended officially with the 'Twittertopmøde'
  13. Find some people with these cards the coming days. They have a mission!