Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2013

Highlights from the April 2013 Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign. The goal of SAAM is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence.


  1. Just before the April 1st launch of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a national proclamation was released from President Barack Obama. 
  2. Partners took to Twitter using #SAAM and sharing resources to get the word out! Twitter chats highlighted topics of interest each week in April during #TweetAboutIt Tuesday chats. 
  3. SAAM-inspired t-shirts were made available from CauseURGood, with a portion of sales donated to NSVRC. 
  4. The "Talk early, Talk often" video launched on the SAAM Day of Action (April 2) to highlight how adults can be involved in preventing child sexual abuse. 
  5. SAAM 2013: Talk early, talk often
  6. April 3 marked an International Day Against Victim-Blaming. 
  7. Support survivors of sexual violence - during ...
    Support survivors of sexual violence - during ...
  8. Week 2 of SAAM 2013 highlighted International Anti-Street Harassment Week! As well as more prevention partners spreading the word. 
  9. Everyone deserves the right to be in public ...
    Everyone deserves the right to be in public ...
  10. By week 3, the word about SAAM was really getting out!