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Against Submission Fees

I still believe that money should flow toward writers, not away from them, not even in small amounts. As such I am generally against the idea of submission fees. As a big fan of the Los Angeles Review of Books, I was excited to hear that they were launching a spin-off called The Offing.


  1. I submitted a story the moment The Offing was open for them. Of course, given LARB's reputation, The Offing quickly received over 1000 submissions, and its editors were interviewed by Ron Charles of the Washington Post (not typical for new online magazines!).
  2. Not the usual response to yet another new online journal starting. I was extremely disappointed then, to see this on Twitter...
  3. The new policy—writers are to pay submission fees unless they wish to submit on paper, or during some special times of the year. It was on now.
  4. The Offing responded. I didn't like it.
  5. They didn't like what I had to say. Time for an argument! Luckily, I've heard all their arguments a zillion times before over the past decade.
  6. The Offing at least is going to pay writers ($20-50, minus sub fee of course!)