NIWeek 2015 Day 2

The Future of IoT


  1. Centered on the future of IoT, the second day of NIWeek opened with a keynote featuring Jeff Kodosky, NI co-founder and business and technology fellow; John Graff, Vice President of NI Marketing; and several industry experts. Our speakers touched on a variety of topics including the future of 5G wireless communication, the smart grid and the growing prevalence of IoT.

    NI announced the Wireless Test System (WTS), new CompactDAQ controllers, CompactRIO, FlexRIO and Single-Board RIO controllers. These announcements were supported by highlighting applications from key partners including Nokia, GoPro and IBM.
  2. Once again, the exhibition hall brought together the ideas from the keynote and their tangible application. Highlights from exhibitions included a self-balancing bicycle, a stair-climbing wheelchair, and Baxter – a robot that mirrored the actions of individuals around it using LabVIEW and Kinect.
  3. Baxter being controlled with a #kinect and #LabVIEW! #niweek
  4. When I move you move (just like that) #NIWeek
  5. In addition to the exhibition hall, various sessions and individual briefings further educated attendees on everything from 5G to embedded app software architecture. Luncheon outings gave attendees the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions with NI employees and industry leaders to gain even more insight into industry trends and the trajectory of the field.
  6. That’s a wrap for Day 2 of NIWeek 2015! Day 3 will focus on what industry leaders will do to create a climate of global engineering innovation that will realize the full potential of the Internet of Things. Stay tuned on Twitter via @NIGlobal and the #NIWeek hashtag for continued updates on all things NIWeek!