NIWeek 2015 Day 1

Experience True Innovation


  1. More than 3,200 innovators from around the globe flocked to Austin, Texas for the 21st Annual NIWeek conference at the Austin Convention Center. Attendees gathered to discuss the most recent trends in sensor data, and discover the latest tools to accelerate productivity for software-defined systems in test, measurement, and control.
  2. NI’s Dr. T and Eric Starkloff as well as NI partners including Intel, Jaguar and Samsung kicked off the first day of NIWeek with a keynote address that explored the latest additions to NI’s hardware and software platforms, and how they fit into the emerging landscape of IoT. NI showcased how to use a platform-based approach to overcome the complexity of sensing, processing, wireless connectivity, and Big Analog Data to create the Internet of Things.
  3. While the keynote speakers discussed the ideas of tomorrow, the exhibition hall showcased ideas in action. FireFly Equipment showed how agriculture is moving further away from physical labor with its automated sod harvester, and the Internet of Things Pavilion featured demos including a self-driving go-cart and a robotic interface that showed how robotic control could potentially work in a smart factory.
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  5. Industrial robots meet LabVIEW! Check this out at DigiMetrix booth 910 #niweek #niweek2015 #digimetrix
    Industrial robots meet LabVIEW! Check this out at DigiMetrix booth 910 #niweek #niweek2015 #digimetrix
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  7. In the early afternoon, some of the best and brightest IoT experts, moderated by our own Eric Starkloff, came together to discuss the rapidly-changing universe of IoT. The panel included IBM's Greg Gorman, Mark Cudak of Nokia Networks, Paul Didier from Cisco and Dong Jin Hyun of Hyundai.