The NHS ePortfolio App - A Twitter Chat #nhsep

A Tweet chat about the ePortfolio app #nhsep - the first such event organised by the NHS ePortfolio team, with more to follow over the coming weeks.

  1. Getting ready for this evenings tweet chat at 7pm about the ePortfolio app #nhsep
  2. So here goes with our first Tweet chat. Welcome to all following this. Please feel free to join in #nhsep
  3. Features - generating and following tickets, and being to create some forms #nhsep
  4. Feedback we've had to date had indicated this is a popular feature #nhsep
  5. @nhsep Why did you pick reflection and tickets as first features? #nhsep
  6. A key thing is that is can be used offline, i.e. no network. Tickets and reflective forms are things that can be initiated offline #nhsep
  7. @nhsep without realising, as I discovered yesterday, from a ticket I'd sent on mobile 3 weeks ago. #nhsep
  8. @tryingtobeaDr @nhsep #nhsep Thanks for pointing this out. Will make sure this is looked at
  9. Offline useful if wifi slow/not avail. Need to remember to sync tho @nhsep #nhsep
  10. But being offline will have limitations to what can be done #nhsep
  11. So can preload available forms before going offline, and can synchronise tickets or forms created once back online #nhsep
  12. Happening now, an NHS eportfolio twitter chat, about mobile app. #nhsep Seems to be just me and the people who work for them.. come join in!
  13. We're interested to know how the app is used "on the ground" - or if it isn't why not #nhsep
  14. @nhsep: We're interested to know how the app is used "on the ground" - or if it isn't why not #nhsep@tryingtobeaDr thoughts?
  15. Wifi in hospitals can be patchy/slow so offline useful? @nhsep #nhsep
  16. @nhsep one issue tho is it doesn't autofill the spaces when you put in assessor's email (non-mobile version does). Can get email wrong
  17. @karenlouiseb @nhsep I was just thinking that #nhsep But email address didn't exist, as cancellation bounced, so why original ticket didnt?
  18. Here is a link about the eportfolio chat that is happening right now.  #nhsep Join in people who use e-portfolio...
  19. @karenlouiseb @nhsep and app must have sent ticket email originally. Which would have bounced as address doesn't exist. #nhsep
  20. Also another thing that would be useful in the e-portfolio app is if you could edit previous reflections not just create new ones #nhsep
  21. @karenlouiseb is quite cumbersome. Haven't used it for a while but I think was easy to lose things mid-way through. #nhsep
  22. @karenlouiseb @tryingtobeaDr We're currently reviewing the ticketing process across all ePortolio so this is something to take into account
  23. @tryingtobeaDr Good question.. one of the reasons for this #nhsep chat! Offline not essential?
  24. @tryingtobeaDr D*** I'm a Consultant, I can login but not do any assessments yet #nhsep
  25. Offline issue If app is dedicated to being an offline companion we can put resource into better online experience #nhsep
  26. The areas that get used by supervisors (like selecting trainees) always need online access, but could be work better on device #nhsep
  27. @doctorcaldwell @tryingtobeaDr #nhsep Why not just use the main site on a mobile device for what you need to do as sup??
  28. Please do add any further comments and we will arrange another App chat soon #nhsep
  29. @nhsep Thanks for listening to my moaning about app issues! #nhsep
  30. Missed the #nhsep chat lastnight. May I suggest a multi platform native app please?