How can we improve your ePortfolio?

The third NHS ePortfolio Tweet Chat event looking to get some user feedback on what is missing, and what could be improved (or removed).

  1. Some suggestions came in following the announcement of the next Tweet Chat
  2. @kate79449236 @nhsep @NHSePortfolios The reflection page used to show how many links i had made...please restore this, now i have to check all again
  3. @nhsep @NHSePortfolios by integrating logbook so you don't have to keep a seperate excel spreadsheet - tedious and time-consuming
  4. @nhsep please do NOT link topics from induction meeting with curriculum
  5. @NHSePortfolios can you allow movement of documents between folders in the personal library? It's Really difficult to tidy things up!
  6. The Chat started at 7pm...
  7. The ability to move files in personal libraries is being worked on, for deployment this Q3 2014 @karenlouiseb #nhsep
  8. @russ_jo @NHSePortfolios #nhsep We have been asked by a number of users: a for a more general/open reflection form you’d like to see?
  9. @russ_jo @NHSePortfolios @nhsep #nhsep Another one for @JRCPTB to advise. All forms are created depending on what the college ask for.
  10. #nhsep We will be feeding back comments to colleges and UKFPO that we get here but we’d also like to here about user experience
  11. As of August, the all fields in the structured reflection form will no longer be mandatory. @fakethom #nhsep
  12. We can only provide users the forms our customers request.. ..please ask your foundation school so we can make it so. @fakethom #nhsep
  13. #nhsep @russ_jo @NHSePortfolios @nhsep @JRCPTB The good news is that the JRCPTB now have access to create forms themselves.
  14. #nhsep We’ve had a suggestion for an alert mechanism previously - ePortfolio emails you a reminder to complete assessments etc…
  15. Would it be useful to be able to attach files to an email message and email them into your personal library? @russ_jo #nhsep
  16. #nhsep Other idea: As a trainee I want to be able to write a short, unstructured note in the ePortfolio app.
  17. understood @russ_jo. Currently the timescale for it looks like it will be ready to arrive in late july / august. #nhsep
  18. #nhsep Thanks everyone for your help and contributions, until next time…..
  19. #nhsep The option of paper forms that could be completed on the spot and scanned into ePortfolio would improve some compliance issues.
  20. .@medicalstart Completing forms on the spot something that tablet devices may provide many answers to but we need better networks #nhsep
  21. As the response was less than we'd hoped for we decided to extend the chat to a full week, ending on Thursday 26th June
  22. Due to a limited response on Wednesday’s #nhsep tweet chat we will be extending until Thurs 24th so you still have a chance to respond
  23. Please get involved – we can’t make things better if you don’t give us feed back. #nhsep
  24. @NHSePortfolios I wonder if making ePortfolio more LinkedIn 'ish would make it more user friendly. REALLY struggled with access this year.
  25. MT #nhsep @NHSePortfolios @jasonalangraves A review of the usability is underway (TBA). Are there any specific aspects of LinkedIn you like?
  26. @nhsep @NHSePortfolios LinkedIn can present all ePortfolio logs clearly, one page. Imagine ePortfolio as a CV, and go in that direction.
  27. @nhsep #nhsep trainees with specialty & gen med. core curricula are not connected requiring ES & trainee form linkage signoff x2 #madness
  28. Some suggestions for possible improvements - some relate to issues that relate to form design and training programme process that would have to be directed towards colleges ( . Some changes are already being working on, such as personal library improvements, but there is an appetite for more control of the user's eportfolio data by the user: something that needs to be looked at internally and by those who commission ePortfolio.