Kerrey, Fischer meet in final debate for Nebraska Senate seat

U.S. Senate candidates Democrat Bob Kerrey and Republican Deb Fischer met for their third and final debate Monday, Oct. 1 at the NET studios in Lincoln, Neb. There was a plethora of social media commentary from all sides of the political aisle; we focus on four main topics here.


  1. Bob Kerrey

    Much of the criticism surrounding Democratic candidate Bob Kerrey during the campaign has focused on his "outsider" status; the former Nebraska governor and Senator has lived in New York for the past 11 years. Some online commenters also said his debate performance was angry, while others found him snobby:
  2. Deb Fischer

    Overall, people found the opposite to be true for Republican candidate Deb Fischer, a state senator from Valentine, Neb., saying she seemed distant and vague - more than one commenter compared her to a robot:
  3. And the winner is ...

    In the end, people were pretty split on who they thought won the debate, though Kerrey seemed to have the edge: