#1 Health Care Discussion in DC: Quality Talks

On October 24, hundreds of health care thought leaders gathered in the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center building to listen to a series of succinct, stirring talks about the future of health care.

  1. Quality Talks is not your ordinary health care conference. In its second year, Quality Talks brought together a group of speakers to the stage. They delivered inspiring and thought-provoking ideas on how we can improve American health care. The "TED"- style talks are shorter, compelling, memorable and novel in nature.
  2. The first three speakers shared a common theme: disparities and other health drivers. Alexandra Drane, Founder of the Eliza Corporation kicked things off with a question: "What's really killing us?" Her opinion- a disease that has a hold on all of us: "life sucks" disease. Then, Dr. Rishi Manchanda, the Chief Medical Officer of the Wonderful Company took it one step further by asking "what makes us sick?" He explained the "upstream effect. Finally, Dr. Nora Volkow, the Director of the National Insistute on Drug Abuse, discussed a very relevant issue: opioid abuse and addiction.
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