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NCDD 2014

Here we tell the story of the 2014 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation -- an exciting event with a boring name, that brought together 415+ innovators!


  1. Thank you to everyone who made #NCDD2014 such a wonderful event -- our planning team members, sponsors, session leaders, speakers, donors, and attendees. Visit for more about the event.
  2. "You all ran one of the most amazing conferences I have ever been to. The ability to bring together such a large network of folks in civic engagement and create such as a focused constructive conversation space is a testament to you and your team’s skill and hard work."

    - Grande H. Lum, Director, Community Relations Service, U.S. Department of Justice
  3. "I was encouraged at the NCDD conference to meet so many people with as much passion as I have to make the world a better place. I don't think I'll ever feel as alone in feeling this way as I did before I came."
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  5. "Thank YOU all for the most electrifying weekend ever. The setting, the energy, the ideas and wonderful work in which everyone is engaged has my brain spinning and it just won’t stop." - Martha Cox, League of Women Voters North County San Diego and San Diego Deliberation Network
  6. We're continuing the conversation from the conference the NCDD Discussion list and on...
  7. NCDD biennial national conferences bring together practitioners, consultants, academics, community leaders, public administrators, funders, non-profit execs, artists, activists, and students — all of whom are committed to finding innovative ways to convene people to address seemingly intractable problems.
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  11. "This experience was truly the Comicon for deliberation nerds, I never wanted it to end! I will forever remember the energetic and brilliant people I met, and the inspiration they bestowed on me."

    - Kate Garcia, CSU Center for Public Deliberation Alumni
  12. "It was inspiring and thought-provoking to meet and connect with so many accomplished and engaged people."