The Election of the New Pope: Day 1

Rain, Rain, Rome...

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  1. And so our travels begin on a rainy Thursday. Here we are on the plane -- back together again (Tommy Bravo and I were in London for the Olympics). I think he is thinking, "Let's take this picture and let me get some sleep -- I'm going to need it."

  2. #NBCLA is on the way to #Rome. W/ photog #TommyNBCLA. Stay here for #Pope updates!
  3. BTW, Tommy has a growing fan club...
  4. Meantime, at this point, we don't know when the conclave will begin. Already the next day in Rome, and they are on standby.

  5. By the time we arrive in Heathrow, there is trouble. A big rain delay. Let's break the news to Tommy.

  6. #Rome: Just broke the news to @TommyNBCLA that r flight out of Heathrow is delayed.
  7. While we are finally on the plane to Rome, the news breaks.
  8. After we finally land, we are met with more rain, but it's Rome, we're here and we cannot wait.

  9. #Rome: Rain leaving #LA, rain at Heathrow, now arriving and rain at the Colosseum.