Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin. I like to stay current with news from various outlets and tech companies. Who knows, I might even start writing some stories.

Willstom Hofer

Researcher at University of Texas. I study patterns found in society. What will come about of safe spaces?



We Love Apples!


All natural. Decide then Succeed.

Susan Burroughs

It's not who you are that holds you back. It's who you think you're not.---Unknown


When You Decide That You Want To Change Your Life. You Need To Commit. When You Commit To Take Action. You Succeed.


Creatig the most detailed write-ups and feedback.

Black American trying to make it in LA.

Felisa Cárdenas

ASU '17. @Cronkite_ASU Sports Journalism major. Just a girl who loves talking and watching a good game. Let's talk sports.

Anahit Kardzhyan

Editor-in-Chief of El Vaquero newspaper. Intern at American Cinematographer magazine. Backpack journalist. New York enthusiast. Not a Kardashian. My Opinions.

Janay Dupree


Muslim Voodoo Rituals are the magic which helps the people who are suffering from any of problem in their life or the people who are in trouble.


Finding the best online resources on the web today. Looking for more updates and more.


Once had a dream of supervising the production of carp in the aftermarket. Spent 2002-2009 developing strategies for psoriasis in West Palm Beach, FL. Developed several new methods for exporting Easter candy in the UK. Spent 2002-2007 promoting action figures in Libya. Crossed the country writing about weed whackers in New York, NY. Spent 2001-2004 analyzing puppets for fun and profit.