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Maddy Arnold

All you need is love❤️Everyday is a gift❤️Always be yourself❤️instagram @MaddyA109❤️Broadcast Reporter, Actress, Dancer, Singer, Friend, Traveler, Trailblazer❤️

21,California girl wishing she was back in England// I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list //Her Campus writer and editor//ULV Student//Journalist//


from the Caribbean like nature


Spent college summers implementing Elvis Presley in Miami, FL. Spent 2002-2010 deploying toy soldiers in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Spent two years getting my feet wet with etch-a-sketches in New York, NY. Had a brief career getting to know tar in Atlantic City, NJ. In 2009 I was researching dandruff in Hanford, CA. Set new standards for developing strategies for weed whackers in Libya.


I love cats. I had a cat when I was a child. He was mostly red with white paws and the tip of his tails was white and he was dead cute and he lived to be 14 years old which is quite old for a cat. I don't know. I just understand cats and I think they understand me. I love them.

Laarni Rosca Dacanay

PR & Communications @Comcast. @NBCUniversal @FocusFeatures @NBC alum. Proud @CSUF Titan. Buckeye native, news geek & I heart endless summers... IG: @laarnid1


Zdrowie, zdrowa żywność, zdrowe odżywianie, odchudzanie


Mieszkania do wynajęcia, kupno i sprzedaż nieruchomości w Warszawie


Siyah beyaz hayatlar #Beşiktaş - Mersin University Tourism of Faculty

RJ King

Web designer at BurstSocial design studio. On Storify to get updates from universities, news outlets, and tech companies. I currently have no plans to write my own stories.

Foyanne J Lynn

Ducks are my favorite animal. Sometimes I dream I'm a duck and my brother tells me I quack in my sleep. I just thought you should know that. A little more about me: I'm 21 years old and I live in a very cold place in the world. Not as cold as Antarctica, but pretty close. Even when the sun is out my entire area is still covered in snow. Fun Facts: My middle name is Jennifer. I have 5 toes. (10 Total of course), and I have 1 sibling.



Medical Marijuana Doctors doing evaluations for new patients, renewals, & cultivation. 21355 Pacific Coast Highway Suite 203C in Malibu, CA 90265 424.235.2320

Justin Covington

Journalist. CSULB.