Mike Miller owns a cat named Maximus.

An NBA Catwatch report.

  1. I have confirmed that Denver Nuggets guard Mike Miller is a cat owner.

  2. I was just sitting at my computer watching the Oct 28th Denver / Houston game when I started wondering if maybe Mike Miller owned a cat. I searched through his Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  3. After finding a picture of a cat in what appeared to be Mike Miller's house, I attempted to verify the story with a second source.
  4. I found an August, 2013 post confirming cat ownership on Mike Miller's wife's Twitter account.
  5. With verification of cat ownership, but no evidence of a name, I reached out to sources.
  6. A source close to the situation contacted me via Twitter direct message to explain that the Miller family owns "2 German Shepherds, Zara and Apollo, a Pomeranian, Tinkerbell and a cat named Maximus"
  7. The Denver Nuggets organization shared further details about Maximus Miller as well as a Photoshopped picture of Mike Miller and a cat.
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