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Ben Simmons owns a cat named Bagheera

An NBA Catwatch report.


  1. On Sunday night my notifications went off after Ben Simmons posted an Instagram video of himself holding a lil kitten and asking it to say "what's up?"
  2. Ben Simmons is a known animal lover / owner, and recently bought his sister a cat.
  3. He also posed with the cat of an artist who painted his portrait.
  4. I urged some restraint on the issue of the cat's ownership until we could get a confirmation from Simmons or a source close to the situation.
  5. I contacted Philadelphia-based NBA journalist Max Rappaport, who had previously broken the Furkan Aldemir / Firuze cat story.
  6. Max came through.
  7. Will follow the situation for more info and pictures (and possibly a social media account) from Simmons and Bagheera.
  8. There are now 19 confirmed cats currently or recently owned by current or recent NBA players.