Comedians' fake #CPCAdvice is almost as bad as the real thing


  1. On March 12, 2015, NARAL Pro-Choice California released findings from a year-long undercover investigation of anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).
  2. It became abundantly clear that comedians are just as qualified to give advice to pregnant women as the "counselors" at CPCs.
  3. Comedians took to Twitter to mock the ridiculousness of these anti-choice groups that will do or say anything to block women from exercising their right to choose. This advice isn't half as bad as what so-called "counselors" at CPCs tell pregnant women.
  4. They pointed out how CPCs pretend to be real medical professionals.
  5. Some made fun of the irresponsible way CPCs exaggerate the risks and impacts of abortion and birth control.
  6. They made fun of the way CPCs downplay the challenges of parenting to push women toward one and only one path.