#meaningmaking chat with Oakland Museum of California

NAME (National Association for Museum Exhibition) is hosting a series of Twitter chats about innovative, visitor-centered practices in museums in conjunction with the latest issue of the Exhibitionist journal, on the topic of "Meaning Making."


  1. The Oakland Museum of California (@oaklandmuseumca) was featured  in the short article, Meaning Making in Nine Acts, by Peter Samis and Mimi Michaelson. On July 17, 2013, we talked with staff about integrating visitor-made imagery within an exhibition display.
  2. Featured Guests:

    * Lori Fogarty, Director and CEO - @oaklandmuseumca

    * Lisa Silberstein, Experience Developer - @LisaSilby

    * Mary Faria, Evaluator - @faria_maryt

    Sean Olson, Research and Experience Coordinator - @olson510

    Carin Adams, Associate Curator Art and Material Culture -  @CarinAdams

    Jennifer Miller, Exhibition Assistant -  @Cadir1

    Robert Fahey, Social Media Coordinator - @oaklandmuseumca

    Chat Hosts:

    Dana Allen-GreilExhibitionist Editorial Advisory Board - @danamuses

    Gretchen Jennings, Editor, Exhibitionist - @gretchjenn

    Peter Samis, Associate Curator, Interpretation, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - @psamis

    Mimi Michaelson, Independent Researcher

  3. Chat Summary

  4. NOTE: Below you will find a summary of the discussion. The full archive of tweets can be viewed here.
  5. Q1: How can integrating visitor-made content into exhibitions support meaning making?