Advocacy Mashup: First-Destination Surveys

Advocacy Mashup participants will hear the experts on and discuss the issue of first-destination surveys, immigration reform and international students, and unpaid internships, all issues with far-reaching implications, .

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  1. A few minutes of quiet before the Advocacy Mashup begins. More than 120 participants are expected to fill seats at NYU’s Constance Milstein and Family Global Academic Center. 
  2. NACE President Dan Black offers an overview of the day's events. First up: First-Destination Survey Standards and Protocols.
  3. Manny Contomanolis, Chair, First-Destination Survey Task Force discusses "The Public's Need to Know: College and First-Destination Surveys."
  4. NACE Ambassador Kevin Grubb and other participants tweet details as the first-destination surveys portion of the conference begins.
  5. Manny Contomanolis calls for questions.