#NABstandin - The Grand Final Day highlights you didn't see on TV

On Grand Final Day, Saturday September 29 2012, there was another team putting it all on the line - The NAB Stand-Ins. A dedicated team of NAB men and women tackling game day duties all over Australia so more fans could make it to the 2012 Toyota AFL Grand Final. These are their stories...

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  1. Not looking forward to tomorrow, working ALL day when all I wanna do is watch the game!!!! FML #afl2012 #nabstandin #sucks #fml
  2. NAB Stand-In Philip with Snappy the Crocodile #nabstandin #aflgf
  3. #nabstandin Chris with Dean from the Ukelele Kollective #aflgf
  4. NAB Stand-in Jenny is about to go live on Star FM! Tune in at starfm.org.au #nabstandin #aflgf
  5. #nabstandin #aflgf NAB Stand In getting ready to make some pizzas!
  6. NAB Stand-In Daphne with the Birthday girl #nabstandin #aflgf
  7. Enjoying the game. Wonder how the #nabstandin are going?
  8. NAB Stand-in Anthony, standing in for Anne, asking passengers to stand clear.
  9. Stand-in Jenny getting the finer points of selecting music at Star FM. #nabstandin #aflgf