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NAACP: Stop and Frisk Ends with NYC Council Vote

This morning the Council took a major step towards reining in racial profiling in New York City. This vote was the culmination of a campaign that the NAACP and a coalition of like-minded progressive groups waged over the past year. Check out the trajectory of the end of Stop and Frisk.


  1. Last night, a dedicated group of organizers convened at the NYC Council for the #CSA vote.

  2. Last year, the NAACP led thousands of activists on a #silentmarch through the streets on NYC to Mayor Bloomberg's residence.  We marched along with dozens of other progressive organizations to demand an end to New York City's #stopandfrisk policy.
  3. "We are black, white, Asian, LGBT, straight, Jewish, Muslim and Christian," New York City Council member Jumaane Williams  stated just before last year's #SilentMarch.