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#TeamJunckerEU: first-half highlights

It's half-time for the Juncker Commission and ALTER-EU has analysed the progress made towards ensuring “an appropriate balance and representativeness in the stakeholders" Commissioners meet. In ALTER-EU's view, the Juncker Commission deserves a yellow card.


  1. “…Members of the Commission should seek to ensure an appropriate balance and representativeness in the stakeholders they meet.” Starting from this declaration from President Juncker, we analysed Commissioners' lobby meetings to verify whether this promise was kept by Team Juncker.
  2. ALTER-EU decided to look into Commissioners' meetings with lobbyists and we found some striking results: 19 Commissioners have had more than 50 lobby meetings in total. Of these 19, 12 or around two thirds have had 60 percent or more of their lobby meetings with business interests ie. corporations, trade associations, law firms, lobby consultancies. We came up with a ranking of these Commissioners and took to Twitter to distribute our football cards of #TeamJunckerEU. (You can find our detailed analysis and breakdown of the data here: )
  3. We started the week, in reverse order, with numbers 8 and 7 on our rankings, namely Commissioners Moscovici and Bulc who have had a clear majority of their meetings with corporate lobbyists.
  4. Those revelations sparked reactions...
  5. and even sceptics......were convinced in the end!
  6. Then was the turn of numbers 6 and 5 on our rankings, Commissioners Hogan and Šefčovič
  7. The collectable cards were adding up day after day as we moved through the rankings.
  8. On the third day, it was the turn of Commissioners Ansip and Katainen in places 4and 3 respectively: