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Being Black and Muslim Twitter Talk

2/12/14 at 1 pm EST, Black History #Twittertalk kicked off with #beingblackandMuslim.


  1. Update: 2/12/14 10:00 pm : After @dawudwalid's one man campaign against anti-Black racial slurs amongst Muslims, a number of Muslims from all stripes began to think of ways of addressing entrenched racism. An email group formed, largely Muslims of South Asian and Arab persuasion, wanted to challenge anti-racism in their own communities. They brainstormed about a HT campaign. But it was a brilliant Black muslimah, @_faizaa who came up with the HT #BeingBlackAndMuslim. I apologize for not giving you credit for helping us kick start an amazing campaign that helped amplify the voice of Black Muslims all over the globe.  

  2. This Black History Month...
  3. Because everyday we're making history and herstory, Black history.
  4. They don't know about us.
  5. But our impact in our societies has left a major mark.
  6. And we keep creating...
  7. and sharing our human experience.
  8. With so many excited to share our story....

  9.'s what they are saying: