Social Media Blueprint for Emerging Musicians

Pianist Robert Glasper is not a household name although he won the 2012 Grammy for Best R&B Album for Black Radio. This talented performer and composer, has used social media in an engaging way to build his audience and buzz for his latest release Black Radio 2 (October 29, 2013).


  1. From his example, we can learn a little something about using social media effectively as emerging musicians.
  2. 55th Grammy Awards - Robert Glasper Interview (Grammy Award 2013)
  3. Glasper is able to be a creative and progressive artist while still being a humorous and genuine personality.  This is evident in this video and his voice on social media.
  4. Funny and sincere one moment to professional and captivating the next.  Here he answers questions for iTunes about his music, band, collaborations, and more.
  5. Not only is he able to promote the album to his fans, but he enlisted the guest artists on the album to share with their unique fans on social media.  Here Norah Jones introduces Robert Glasper via her Twitter account to a whole new group of listeners.
  6. Rapper Common (guest on the album too) blasts out Glasper to his audience on Instagram while building the conversation using the hashtag #blackradio2.  This hashtag is consistent across platforms to connect and build fan communication.
  7. Rehearsing with the great robertglasper and band. #blackradio2 in stores now! Bmore get ready Nov 1
    Rehearsing with the great robertglasper and band. #blackradio2 in stores now! Bmore get ready Nov 1 
  8. And here on Twitter:
  9. And also on Flickr:
  10. This social media campaign exhibits a simple blueprint for emerging musicians on how to use social media.  Glasper set the example, here are three tips to implement immediately:
    Be yourself in your music and social media voice
    Collaborate with others both in music projects and engaging each other's audiences
    Post with consistency by planning ahead with an agreed upon hashtag as well as a regular schedule of timely tweets/posts/pictures 
  11. Hear it all here, then check out his social media outlets below for the complete tutorial.
  12. Somebody Else (Lyric Video)