#MuseumWorkersSpeak's Workers' Wednesdays tweet chat debut: June 3, 2015

Workers' Wednesdays is a monthly tweet chat hosted by Museum Workers Speak, every first Wednesday from 2-3pmEastern (1-2pm Central). These conversations counteract the silence/taboo around discussing working conditions in museums, interrogate the effect of museums' internal labor practices on their social missions and lead towards action. Each Workers' Wednesdays focuses on a topic; this week, it was museum workers sharing their stories. Join us next time on Wednesday, July 1!


  1. First, we laid some groundwork for our first-ever tweet chat, including links to the Storify for our "rogue session" at #AAM2015, to our appearance on the Museum Life podcast, and to our blog post at the Center for the Future of Museums.
  2. @MuseumHue asked the first question, inviting participants to share the reasons for their interest in museum labor issues and MWS...
  3. ...and the responses came rolling in.