April 6, 2016: Eleventh #MuseumWorkersSpeak tweet chat on looking back/moving forward

This month's chat took the one-year anniversary of Museum Workers Speak's inception in April 2015 as an opportunity to reflect back on what we've accomplished in that year, the challenges we've faced, and where we're headed.


  1. We were thrilled to see faces both familiar and new excited to participate in the discussion:
  2. We'll start by recapping the daytime chat (co-facilitated with @monica_muses), then move into the evening chat (co-facilitated with @ninapelaez). Each chat had the same set of questions but generated a terrific range of ideas and conversations.
  3. Question 1, daytime: We are reflecting on #MuseumWorkersSpeak's 1st year. What's your biggest takeaway from this past year's conversations?