Nationwide Museum Mashup Day!

On February 4, 2016, museum educators, curators, and enthusiasts across the country came together to run Museum Mashup events at 6 different museums!


  1. The first museum to start its event was The Toledo Museum in Ohio. And boy, did they start us off with a bang! Look at that SWAG!
  2. The experimenters entered the galleries at the Toledo Museum...
  3. We were very excited to see the experimenters playing Yes, And to tell stories with art!
  4. They also showed different ways to engage with the same works.
  5. Things seemed to get kind of wacky as participants tried to mimic the compositions of different works.
  6. As the first round wound down at the Toledo Museum, the group reflected on their experiences.

  7. Toledo's second round was a little different than its first...