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Woman in STEM. Recovering attorney. Physics, astronomy, math, art, museums, history, linguistics. Mostly in that order. I laugh at my own jokes.


i like to learn cool things and talk about them with other people. rarely, i blog:


Real Stories. Real Stuff. At the @Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Our blog: Terms:

Franny Gaede

Scholarly Communication Librarian @ButlerLib. Exceedingly fond of office supplies, calligraphy, and knitting.

Sally Cummings

Artist. Designer. Crafter. Librarian. Foodie. Geek.



We're not a museum. We're 19 of them! Plus 9 research centers & the National Zoo. Follow your favorites

I Tweet Museums

"I Tweet Museums" is a non-affiliated, independent initiative to encourage & support all cultural workers to tweet about museums from their personal accounts. Tweets managed by the initiative's founder: @MarkBSchlemmer / Unlike some static Storify posts, we intended for ours to grow and become more diverse as people add to the discourse. Check back often to review your favorite posts as we strive to keep them constantly relevant and up-to-date. Please tweet your input using the hashtags in the titles, or reach out to us directly @ITweetMuseums. Thanks!

Derek Hennen

I help people realize that they really love insects. Entomologist, Blogger, Adventurer. Interested in the assassin bugs, Myriapods, taxonomy. Also I love cats.

Morgan Jackson

PhD Student at the University of Guelph, I study the taxonomy and systematics of South American flies (Diptera). I blog about insects, taxonomy and natural history.

Lizzy Williamson

Early career researcher in renaissance studies, interests include news, politics & diplomacy, letters. Overly enthused by archives & digital humanities.

Rachel Ropeik

I'm a museum educator and adventurer, and I tend to be found on social media chatting about museums and what happens in them (education, digital technology, accessibility). Also art and the history of it. Also shoes. But mostly that other stuff. This Storify account is mostly covering those tweets.

dana allen-greil

Geek on a mission. Day job: digital education for the National Gallery of Art. Night job: museum studies professor at Johns Hopkins University. Views are my own.