Instagram Storify

Here is the Storify that I made based on an eclectic mix of images that were uploaded for me by a dear friend and collegue that owned a much more capable web device. #thanksmsmartin


  1. Ky doin his thing! #csusmedu #csusmedu15
    Ky doin his thing! #csusmedu #csusmedu15
  2. I've been surrounded by great role models throughout the credential program but few have been as great, and photogenic, as Mr. @AsapPratt
  3. Just chillin #edss530ig #csusmedu
    Just chillin #edss530ig #csusmedu
  4. Instagram was a lot of work. Even my models were laying down on the job. But the amount of work involved in taking a selfie would take a level of effort even I was unprepared for.
  5. Even cats know what's up in the insta world! #edss530ig
    Even cats know what's up in the insta world! #edss530ig
  6. I wasn't quite sure how to do the Selfie thing so I found a friendly kitty that was willing to model the correct method.
  7. So that was my first selfie. I think I used the wrong filter or something. I mean the picture was definately Mr. T but I didn't feel like it really captured me.
  8. That selfie was a little better, but I've decided that it might be better to let students give you a picture of me.
  9. Student notes! #edss530ig #studentsareawesome
    Student notes! #edss530ig #studentsareawesome
  10. D'aww
  11. Doin some awesome labs #edss530ig #studentsareawesome #labtime
    Doin some awesome labs #edss530ig #studentsareawesome #labtime
  12. Messages like this help me know that I must be doing something right.
  13. Really I think these photos are the best example of who I am in the classroom. School is fun, Chemistry is fun, and hopefully my students think I am fun.
  14. A classmate's adorable cat #csusmedu
    A classmate's adorable cat #csusmedu
  15. Thanks again @MsMartin374