September 8th 2014

A Day in the Life if a Grade Two Classroom


  1. I couldn't have asked for a better day from terrific students.  The day started with us going to the library.  The students have been working hard on learning how to research.  This is a brand new concept for them because before this the expectation was just reading words.  Now they have to understand what the words mean.
  2. Students also had to take the information and place it in a graphic organizer. This is going to help them when it comes to their cultural research.  Ask them what animal they decided to research and if they found out any cool facts.
  3. After the first ebreak and when they came back from library and gym they had a cool visitor and we wondered what it was.
  4. Our friend Ranger Ridley came to the rescue.
  5. The students then had a cool conversation around patterns and counting.  They are starting to really be efficient mathematicians
  6. It was then time for Daily Five
  7. I can't wait for tomorrow and what it may bring.  Stay Tuned.