5 Cases When You Need To Change Your Locks


  1. Moving into a new house


    Naturally, brand new houses or even freshly vacated ones have locks. They must have worked perfectly before you moved in. You could use them just the previous owners did. But you can never be too careful with locks which have sets of keys you don’t own. And by that I don’t mean the ones of previous owners. Your landlord could be a sneaky guy who drops a copy to a jobless and crazy friend of his. At the end, everybody wins, except you. It may sound naive and paranoid, but guys like the sneaky neighbor we described could be beaten only this way. When I moved to the state of Georgia I called Athens Quick Locksmith and they said everyone moving in changes locks.


    When you buy expensive plasma screen


    Regardless of the ways you used to get your hands on expensive equipment like high end speakers or antique 1800’s Rushworth's $ Sons with ivory keys, you need to think about keeping those enough time to properly enjoy them. Crafty robbers can sneak out the location of valuables and there’s only sure way you can beat them to it- secure the perimeter. Expensive locks give out the idea there is something of value behind them, but there is cure for that too. Contemporary market for security systems can reward you with simple looking but highly effective locking mechanisms. Statistically they work a bit better than a pack of hungry dobermans in the yard.


    After a divorce


    You shared your life with someone but decided to move on? This might mean losing some of your property along with your heart. Even though this might include some real estate, you’d better leave that to your lawyer and take care of your stuff on a micro level. Any breakup usually leaves a pile of stuff that was somewhat mutually used, but one of the sides eventually developed some sense of ownership through the years. People get attached to material stuff all the time. You would too be attached to you family Type-F Jaguar. Things like that could be legally stolen from you, of course, so the least you can do is invest in security solutions.


    Because you can


    Hey, if you have lots of money but lack imagination, changing your locks with new ones is much less boring than a mere re-key procedure. Having total conrtol of your dwelling is an idee fix for some; if that is what makes you sleep better at night - go for it!

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