For most of us, commuting is like death and taxes-- an unfortunate, but inescapable, necessity. But that isn't true for everyone. This month, Morning Edition is looking at how trends, initiatives and experiences vary around the country. Share your experiences at #NPRcommutes.

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  1. I primarily walk to work, and it takes about 30 minutes. I pass a variety of interesting sights, depending on which route I take. But one of my favorites is this fairy door that is embedded in a cracked concrete retaining wall along the route from my kids' school to my office. It always makes me smile! #PSCommute #a2 #fairydoors
  2. #pscommute I take the MARC train every day from Baltimore to DC and back. I actually love having the…  http://instagram.com/p/fldwdBMz0N/ Mz0N/