Fall 2016 Writing Retreat

We gathered Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Carter Caves State Resort Park Ampitheater to share the words on our hearts and to celebrate 30 years with the Morehead Writing Project


  1. Austen Reilley began our day by inspiring us to think about clouds and other important things like clouds...
  2. Then Karen Van Kirk challenged us to draw our faces with our non dominant hand to open up new channels to our imagination.
  3. Then Karen led us through writing prompts inspired by Raymond Queneau
  4. And even though Liz Prather made us go off the grid we created our own Twitter collections and Facebook pages...
  5. Then after a delicious lunch in the lodge, our fearless leader led us through a writing exercise inspired by "Out of the Woods" and then she took us into the woods to write again.
  6. Then we returned to the ampitheater to share our writing, tears, and laughter over food and drink in the true spirit of the Morehead Writing Project.