1. This is a guide written in four parts by four people (in order: Rose, Faith, Gabby, and Melissa) telling of four different themes/ideas from the novel Neuromancer.

  2. The FIRST theme is...
  3. Moving On
  4. The theme that stuck out most to me was that of moving on (and OF COURSE I would find one of the most human elements possible and only connect with the book after doing so). The GIFs above are basically a recountance of Case's journey: he's stuck in a pit because he can't move on and his life seems pointless. It is only because he has those feelings that the events of the book take place. As the story continues, we see Case realizing that the life he had been forced from, the one he had missed so dearly, was not actually the life that he wanted to live. With each obstacle he overcomes, he is closer to moving into a new point in his life, somewhere better than where he had begun.

  5. Next we have...
  6. Identity
  7. No matter what world you live in, identity is a problem. Finding who you truly are is a journey everyone must travel. Individuals express themselves through their identity.
  8. In Neuromancer, Case is on adventure to find the person he is. First he identifies himself as a cowboy hacker and dedicates himself to his job.