Chicago White Sox close to making a comeback but fall short trailing the Minnestoa Twins 7-6


  1. The Chicago White Sox faced the Minnesota Twins tonight for the second (yesterday's game was postponed until Aug 21) and final time of the three-game series. The two teams played the first game of the series on May 9 and the Twins pulled off the 7-2 win. The Sox struggled to gain their momentum tonight in the first four innings but then rallied and ended up only trailing by one with a final of 7-6.
  2. The game centered a lot around the bullpen as numerous switches on the mound were made for each team.
  3. Pregame:
  4. First Inning: Twins start off hot. 4-0 Twins.
  5. Second Inning: The homeruns continue... 6-0 Twins.
  6. Third Inning: Sox still struggle to find their footing, still looking for the first run of the night. 6-0 Twins.
  7. Fourth Inning: The Sox start gaining momentum. 6-2 Twins.