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Crowdsourcing the Experts for UGC Gold

Tips for reaching out to your readers and bringing their input into the news, i.e. User Generated Content.


  1. Listen to the session below:
  2. General question to keep in mind:
  3. Tip #1: Get it right. Treat social media content like you would tips received from someone calling the newsroom. It's a piece of information that needs to be verified before running with it. 
  4. Tip #2: Use free tools to find reader content. Check out Twitter Advanced Search, and GeoFeedia
  5. Tip #3: Be empathetic when reaching out to sources via social media during times of crisis. 
  6. Tip #4: Go out and connect with your community. How? 
  7. Tip #5: Make it worth the effort. 
  8. Tip #6: Be specific. Tell your readers exactly what you need from them. 
  9. Tip # 7: Try it out yourself to ensure the task is realistic and easily achieved.