Chatting About Credit Cards With NerdWallet

Money Magazine teamed up with Nerdwallet to answer questions about credit cards on Twitter. There was plenty of interest as people wanted to know how to get more out of their credit card, without sacrificing that credit score.

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  1. We had @Money Senior Editor Margaret Magnarelli and @NerdWallet's VP of of Credit and Debit Cards Anisha Sekar take questions. 
  2. And many of the questions focused on the one concern you should keep in mind when opening new cards: What about the credit score?
  3. It's also important to remember that there are ways to reduce your rate to keep the cost of the card down.
  4. And if you find yourself with multiple cards, then just hold onto them. 
  5. Remember, though, only think about rewards if you know you can pay the full balance every month.  
  6. And despite other's advice, there's a smart time to transfer the balance.