1. By: Colm Ashe | Staff Writer | #MolloyLife Media
  2. Molloy’s Sustainability Institute Addresses America’s Excessive Food Waste. On January 19th, the Institute presented the multi-award winning documentary, “JUST EAT IT: A Food Waste Story”, at the Suffolk Center in Farmingdale.
  3. Many know the scorn of a parent whose slaved over the stove just so we can eat half our dinner, then we push the remainder into a pile so it looks like we tried to finish. But besides the times when your parents are guilt-tripping you about starving kids in Africa, have you ever really considered what happens to all our wasted food? According to the Sustainability Institute at Molloy, the issue of food waste reaches way beyond the dining table.
  4. There was a packed house in attendance for the film screening, which was followed by an insightful discussion. While some came for the screening, many others came for the same reason as fellow Molloy student Jackie Avignone, who sheepishly admitted, “I heard about the vegan food!” In the six and a half years since beginning the film series, the Sustainability Institute has provided all plant-based, vegan food for its events.
  5. Demosthenes Maratos, member of the Sustainability Institute and host of the event, set the stage by describing the film as “a really entertaining look at a very, very important issue.”
  6. The film featured filmmaking couple, Jen and Grant, who decided to embark on a daring mission: to only eat food waste for 6 months. From dumpster diving to supermarket bargaining, the film follows them through the arduous journey of sifting through billions of dollars worth of good food that is perpetually tossed away in North America. According to John Oliver of “Last Week Tonight”, “The amount of food thrown out by Americans each year could fill up 730 football stadiums.”
  7. “Just Eat It” takes a look at our “systemic obsession with expirations dates, perfect produce and portion sizes and reveals the core of this seemingly insignificant issue that is having devastating consequences around the globe.” The film fit with the mission of the Sustainability Institute’s Sustainable Living Series, which focuses on environmental protection, animal ethics and sustainability.
  8. Food waste is just one of the many issues Molloy’s Sustainability Institute has brought to light. The organization strives to influence positive change in the local community, and encourages Molloy students to do the same through classroom presentations and experiential learning . From vegan living to sustainable energy, they offer information that may be crucial for future progress on Long Island.
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