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Molloy Gets Colorful!

By Sara Parisi


  1. By Sara Parisi | Staff Writer | MolloyLife Media
  2. On Thursday October 12th, Molloy held an event called Color Fest. To say the least, it was a messy, fun, and colorful event! Students were able to run around on the public square lawn while throwing colored powder at one another.
  3. This was junior Gianna Gibbia’s first Color Fest experience, she stated that “Color Fest was really fun and exciting because we were able to throw all of this colorful powder in the air and at each other, and it was a great way to relieve stress and take a good study break.”
  4. Freshman Mary Andrews said, “I have already been to many of Molloy’s events, but this one was definitely one of my favorites because it was something different and nobody cared about getting messy, it was such a great time.”
  5. After a one-year hiatus, Lions were happy to have Color Fest back on campus. Senior Katie Scandiffio said that, “I love Color Fest because there is always such a great turn out and it is a lot of fun to see students get messy and just being themselves.”
  6. Color fest is definitely a fan favorite among the Molloy students. Everyone was able to let loose, take a break from the books and get their color on! After seeing all the smiles and laughs that took place during this years Color Fest, it’s safe to say that we will be seeing this event again.