1. Our class recently embarked on a project that evolved out of a conversation on Twitter. After having seen @Simon_Gregg's hundred faces posts, we tried our hand at making pictures with the Cuisinaire Rods.
  2. We started off with making pictures that equalled to 50.
  3. Next, we made monsters and showed our strategies. It was interesting to see how students added a string of numbers.
  4. After posting our monsters on Twitter, I connected with @mathhombre and @Simon_Gregg. @mathhombre suggested an activity evolving the monsters Pokémon-style. I mentioned this to my class and they were very excited to start!
  5. We set criteria as a class and students got right to work. They have been very engaged and some students have even asked to stay in at recess to work on their math. One student has asked if we can create Pokémon-style cards!
  6. Our project will end up being cross-curricular, as we will be writing background stories about our creatures in French Language Arts. We will also be integrating Art and Technology to show off our final product. Our final project plans include posters, a class book, and the Pokémon-style cards!
  7. I also like that this project lends itself well to differentiated-instruction. Students are using numbers they are comfortable with and are working at their level. This is one project that I hope to use for years to come!
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